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May. 29th, 2010

moved to tumblr!!! (:    http://sunshineisher.tumblr.com


going to watch ' THE LAST SONG' with darlings tmr!!!! looking forward to it! reallie love the theme song in that show (:
today heydi came to return my sister's whole set of twilight story books. hahas. went lunch after that with her at tm, shopped around, catch up with her then she went for driving lesson. nothing much. church after that in the evening! (:



woke up at like 9 plus today, went to book the tennis court from 11am to 12pm. Audrey dear came!! slacked at my house first before we went down to burn some fats!!! hahas. meanwhile i ironed clothes. wah i really feel like a damn maid! hahas. no choice. no more maid! what can i do?!?! oh wells. yep yep! played tennis! sun was scorching!! felt giddy at times! hahas. had fun whacking the tennis ball. yep yep! off to Bugis after that for lunch at iluma! the restaurant at the first level b4 u enter iluma! nice nice!! yummilicious! i had pork cutlet curry rice!! (: and oreo monster!! whee. damn satisfying! oh wells. but guess it was damn sinful. somemore after we exercised! but at least we burned some then gained some. so balanced out. hahahah. kay! off for dinner out with family! <3 loves loves loves


yes. used my Golden Village $2 vouchers before it expires tmr. watched Date Night! omg. hilarious show reallie! was laughing throughout the movie!! freaking funnie! first time i didnt doze off during a movie. usually even in exciting action movies i can doze off. i mean for awhile. (: haha. pigs are like that! yeah. had dinner at eighteen chefs! satisfying. sinful though. had cheese baked pasta! desert was chocolate ice cream!! oh wells. damn fattening but working out with darling on saturday. tennis then gymn. determined to burn the calories!! (: laughter is really the best medicine to heal my heart. at least for now! okies work work wok tmr. shall end here! yawns~ toodles! (:


made up my mind to take accountancy at Nanyang Business School! whee. finally got rid of the uncertainty in my heart. the feeling of whether to take physio seriously anot sucks. dunno whether to concentrate or sleep in class :( had fun though! saw dead bodies! as in real dead body. it was like chopped into the body parts. cool. could see the muscles and tendons! (: lab sessions are always fun! but still withdrawing (:  going back to work on monday! all the way till end july b4 i start NTU. tee hee ^^ im staying strong!! living life to the fullest (:

signing off ~~

ting ting  (:


i really wanna know what i want in life. like a deep passion! that will make things soo much easier for me. applied for physio in nyp and MOHH scholarship. accepted into nyp and their term starts on 19 April! thats bloody this month! i doubt uni posting results will be out before that although i reallie hope so! im going to start in nyp first and drop out halfway if i get into pharmacy at NUS. but if i drop out after the first week of semester in nyp, money not refunded at all. this is making me feel guilty cos its my parents hard earned $$ ! and if i get into accountancy in either NTU or NUS? should i do that instead of physio? i mean, its sth different.. do i reallie love physio? omg. this is so killing me. urgh.


ha. i've finally almost gotten over you. if not 100%. i finally did it. no more you in my mind and im getting on with life HAPPILY. singlehood is reallie good man. yay. (:



im a fool, im a loser in the end. i;ve come into terms with that. i dunno why i was so foolish but from now on, im going to forget you and everything in the past. im starting afresh!
URGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! can someone give me plates to throw at the wall?? i reallie feel like doing that!


TICK TICK TICK. time goes by really quickly. it feels as though everything just started yesterday. hahas. its been officially two weeks in my job, yay finally settled down to a stable job. haha. should have worked in singhealth earlier.lol. but working at noel was fun too. retarded people and all.. ahhaha. XD  i reallie wanna turn back the clock.. turn back time. make different decisions. things would have been soo different as compared to now. isit too late? hmmm



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